Big Brainers' math lessons offer a great tutoring program for students from 1st grade to 8th grade. We can help them clear concepts they've previously learned but haven't understood, or help them with concepts they will be learning in the near future. In each lesson the instructor will adapt to the students strengths and weaknesses guaranteeing an increase in problem solving and critical thinking skills. Big Brainers math lessons are also unique with instructors who are able to connect and engage more with the student, lessons that are based off of the students interests and skills all while being challenging and fun.

*Please Note: These are just some reccomended topics, any topic can be chosen to learn about, regardless of grade

Grade 1

Addition and Subtraction, Identifying Shapes, Numerical Sequences

Grade 2

Place Value, Measurements, Understand Time & Money

Grade 3

Multiplication and Division, Basic Fractions, Interpret Data

Grade 4

Fractional Ordering, Basic Decimals, Identify Lines & Angles

Grade 5

Operations with Decimals/Fractions, Analyze Patterns

Grade 6

Equations with Variables, Factors & Multiples, Area & Perimeter

Grade 7

Statistics & Probability, Operations with Rational Numbers, Relationships

Grade 8

Functions, Volume of 3D Figures, Intro to Algebra, Pythagorean Theorem

The Team

Akaash Patel Director
Srika Popuri Instructor
Maehek Bhatt Instructor
Ria Modi Instructor
Amogh Bankapur Instructor
Taha Mirrani Instructor
Asya Ardawatia Instructor
Shreyas Singh Instructor
Mihir Gokhale Instructor
Swaraa Dhore Instructor
Leyna Doan Instructor
Vardhan Nahar Instructor
Cameron McFarland Instructor
Zain Jasim Instructor
Olivia Liu Instructor
Aashikha Basappa Instructor
Qasim Mirrani Instructor
Dina Spiegel Instructor