Language Arts

Big Brainers’ Language Arts lessons are an excellent way to further and strengthen your student’s command of the English language and supplement their learning in school. Strong communication and reading skills are needed every day; in daily life as well as in schools and competitions. Through book studies, interactive lessons, journaling, test prep, and worksheets, students will develop life-long skills in reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. No matter the age, a love of reading and strong writing skills will carry your student to success.


Best for students in Grades 1-2

  • Active Reading Strategies
  • Responding to the text both through journaling and discussing
  • Checking comprehension of any key details, characters, setting, and conflict
  • Writing conventions (capitalization, punctuation, spelling)
  • Identifying the main idea of the text
  • Deep-diving into various poems, books, stories, and articles
  • Exploring various forms of writing (creative, poetry, opinion, etc)


Best for students in Grades 3-4

  • Preparation for state and school ELA testing
  • Answering comprehension questions by referencing the text
  • Inferring, predicting, and comparing texts
  • Describing theme, characters, setting, plot, and conflict of a text
  • Developing strong essay writing skills
  • Research and informational writing skills
  • Practice in various forms of writing (creative, persuasive, informational, etc)
  • Language & Grammar (Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Greek/Latin Roots, etc)


Best for students in Grades 5-6

  • Preparation for state and school ELA testing
  • Preparation for middle-school style English courses
  • Citing and explaining evidence
  • Analyzing and explaining plot, characters, setting, and conflict of a text
  • Finding and describing the theme
  • Analyzing the usage of language and literary devices
  • Evaluating arguments and claims by analyzing the evidence given
  • Skillful writing craft and styles (informative, argumentative, creative, etc)
  • Essay Writing
  • Advanced Grammar (Greek/Latin roots, sentence structure, more parts of speech, etc)

Materials Needed

  • A notebook/journal for responding to prompts and completing assignments
  • Specified books for class book studies
  • A Big Brain to think creatively!

The Team

Preena Maruthavelu Director
Srika Popuri Instructor
Ria Modi Instructor
Asya Ardawatia Instructor
Rishika Kulkarni Instructor
Joseph Holcomb Member
Allison Dwiggins Instructor
Ananya Hindupur Instructor
Rishabh Bagmar Instructor
Shivani Bisabathuni Instructor
Ashlin Kwong Instructor