Session 4A Time Slot Registrations are Now Open!


After much time of working on internal improvements, lesson time slot registrations for Session 4A are now available through Wednesday, October 5th! Lessons for this session are scheduled to start on October 9th and end by October 30th, depending on the day(s) of the slot(s) you register. A calendar visual of the dates can be found at

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible to get your spot, following the instructions listed below.

If you are signing up for a weekday slot, be sure to check your student's school calendar to ensure that the times will suit you through the lesson end date.


  1. Find a suitable time slot from the SignUp Genius pages below (based on your student's appropriate level; level descriptions for each subject can be found on our website)
  2. Make the required donation (at least $5 per lesson) for 4 lessons (before submitting the SignUp Genius) - PayPal link (please include your student's name and lesson subject in the PayPal comments)
  3. Choose the time slot and submit the SignUp Genius!
  4. If we received your donation and time slot submission, you are confirmed!
  5. You will receive lesson details via email at least 24 hours before the first lesson

If you didn't make the donation, we may have to release your chosen time slot to another student.

SignUp Genius Link (all subjects)

If you do not know which level to sign up for or have any other questions, please reach out at or text us at +1 (972) 430-8355.