Big Brainers originally started out with chess lessons and then expanded to other subjects as well due to high demand. You will enhance your chess skills to another level, regardless of whether you're a newbie, a beginner, or an intermediate chess player.

All genuinely interested kids of age 7 and above can sign up for Big Brainers chess lessons. They will be put into one of the following levels to determine their lesson time slot and group:


Completely or relatively new to chess: may or may not know the chess pieces' names and movements


Newbie + knows the rules and how to play, can differentiate between good and bad trades, has won a few games before

Novice 1

Beginner + can make and determine threats, differentiate between good / bad trades

Novice 2

Novice 1 + understands tactical positions and intermediate strategies


Novice 2 + has played in several chess tournaments, possibly USCF-rated (<1100)

The Team

Vivek Keval Director
Shrey Patel Member
Anusha Nadkarni Instructor
Saket Upperla Instructor
Danish Usmani Member
Eeshaan Malladi Instructor
Aakriti Ramakrishnan Instructor